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ELECTRIC CABLE by Federico Uribe

uribe grew up in bogota, colombia and attended the university of los angeles. he continued to study painting in new york.

uribe finds opportunity and plasticity in bits and pieces that society associates with one particular task and repurposes them into beautiful works of art.


uribe works almost exclusively with multitudes of repurposed objects to create vibrantly colored sculptures and 2D artworks like this.


uribe creates sculptures which are not sculpted but constructed and weaved, in all kinds of different ways, curious and unpredictable, repetitive and almost compulsive. they follow the classics canons of figurative and abstract art, but the result is absolutely unusual, whimsical, of enormous efficacy and communicability. when observed from close, his works reveal various kinds of interpretations; they invite us to touch them, to discover the detail and connection between one element and another. when viewed form further away, they offer volumes, forms, textures and color. distance, proximity and perception are key factors in the interaction between uribe’s work and its viewers.  – from now contemporary art