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FOUND IN NATURE by Barry Rosenthal

barry rosenthal is an urban archeologist, photographer and sculptor and collector.
barry‘s fine art images can be found in the permanent collection of the museum of modern art in new york city and the springfield museum of fine art springfield, massachusetts.

Shoes on black backgroundshoes.
collected on the beach. dead horse bay, floyd bennett field, brooklyn, N.Y. jamaica bay, N.Y. harbor.

“found in nature”, started in 2007 as an offshoot of his botanical work, has evolved from miniature collections of found objects into large-scale images that represent ocean borne trash.

2012_1_16_fin_0004balls. collected on the beach. floyd bennett field, brooklyn, N.Y, jamaica bay, N.Y. harbor.


2015Barry Rosenthal Alcoholaddiction is the theme. alcohol the subject. form follows function. the design of these small containers is intended to make concealment possible. to function on the job or to fool one’s spouse into thinking you are clean. minis, half pints, hip flasks made of plastic help the alcoholic pass. no one serves a half pint at social gatherings. not intended for polite society, these bottles have only one purpose. they speak to the using a combination of sculpture and photography and breaking down the found object trash into themes of type, color or whimsy, rosenthal is able to bring awareness to the global issue of ocean pollution.

clear_plastic_cups_2Clear Plastic Cups. Collected on the beach. Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, New York, Jamaica Bay, New York Harbor.