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FOUND OBJECT by Barbara Franc

an artist is making her fortune by selling animal sculptures she makes out of rubbish fished out of bins and skips.
barbara franc, 58, collects junk like tin cans, costume jewellery and mechanical wires from the streets while walking her dog and uses them for her creations.
she also scours jumble and boot sales and charity shops to pick up other items such as clock mechanisms and windscreen wipers.


the black swan is both life size and constructed from decorative tins and recycled objects such as old ration tins, umbrella spokes and cutlery, to name a few.

Shaggy+Dog+Tale+7I love working with fabrics as well as metal. These two dogs are based on my own long-legged lurcher, who has modelled for me many times!


'Fish+Eye'+62L+x+55H+x+20W‘fish eye’ the Alley Cat, 2010
recycled metals, steel wire, copper wire, old biscuit tins and found objects.